The College Years
The Sound of Young America (Now Bullseye with Jesse Thorn) The College Years. Shows made by Jesse Thorn for his UC Santa Cruz show of the same name.
Guest Todd Barry.  We talk with comedian Todd Barry and are visited by the Evil Computer Bent on World Domination.
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Jesse and Jordan take a look at the year that was, along with guests Petey the Penguin and Phinnius MacGillicuddy.
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Jesse and Jordan search for the perfect gifts for their loved ones.  Also, we are visited by Kieth from Five Iron Frenzy, and we talk to a lady at the sex store in Santa Cruz.
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Jesse, Jordan and Gene take calls, as listeners share their feelings.  Plus a visit from the XXXtreme weather man.
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Rock & Roll The guys rock out with fake rock & roll trivia, the Evil Computer, and more.
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We have a grand pledgestravaganza!
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The D Your desperate friends on The College Years work doubletime to generate pledges for their community radio station, including offering to whore themselves.
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Halloween! Guest Stew Thornley.  We talk about celebrity death leagues with Stew, plus an interview with a deeply embittered Arbor Day.
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Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone This week, we premier the second installment of "Mace Detective, Private Detective," plus take calls on a bold statement about dinosaurs.
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Darlings of Dreamland This week, we look into the sleeping minds of The Sound of Young America.  Lots of crazy dream stories from Jesse, Gene, Jordan, Dan and others.
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The Boys Are Back in Town After a long summer hiatus, Gene, Jordan and Jesse return with a vengeance.  The first ever appearance of "Hang It Up" (before "Keep It Up" was even a glimmer in Jesse's eye).  The XXXTreme Weatherman.  Traffic from the Foppish Dandy.  Also: a quiz bowl between Dan and the head of the UCSC Cheer Squad.
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May 31st, 2001.  The school year was ending, and with it, our first few months of The Sound of Young America.  We closed with a bang -- our original radio drama, Mace Detective, Private Detective.  And more.
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Battle of the Boyfriends This week, Jesse and Jordan battle it out -- who is the best boyfriend?  Our guests are their girlfriends.  Gene, single, joins in the grilling.  Jordan's girlfriend was still in high school at the time.  Jesse's girlfriend had flown in from New York.  Five years later, this whole show is very embarassing for all involved.
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Crime and Punishment Some amazing tales this week.  Jordan talks about getting put in Disneyland jail for using a bubble pipe.  Gene talks about trying to convince an authority figure that he was holding something other than what was quite obviously a beer.  Jesse talks about the time his mother got arrested for robbing a bank.  Plus Vanessa sits in, and we hear from the Evil Computer Bent on World Destruction.
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Battle of the Dads Jesse and Jordan's respective dads battle for Dad supremacy.  Listeners call in and share amazing dad stories.  One of the all-time great Sound of Young America episodes.
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Birthday Party! Jordan's birthday is celebrated, as we take calls with birthday gifts.
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New York, New York On this Sound of Young America: The College Years, we celebrate America's Greatest City: New York, New York.  Sorry for feed troubles earlier this week, this should be fixed.

This includes taking travel tips from listeners, and calling various offices in the New York tourism department, trying to get them to reccomend a phone booth that we can use for a simulcast.  As it turns out, there is a phone booth in the ground floor of the Empire State Building, but there is not one on top.

I'm gonna be honest: a great effing time is had by all.
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Gene Falls In Love Gene meets the girl of his dreams, as we discuss decency and indecency. 
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Jesse, Jordan and Gene pick official things of The Sound of Young America.
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This week's show features Extreme Weather, the Evil Computer Bent on World Domination, an all-time team, a dream in which emo kids take over a university/spacecraft, and an extensive and contentious discussion of the merits of the Radiohead album Kid A.
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No Theme 2-15-01 On this Sound of Young America broadcast, it's a potpourri, a hodge-podge, a cornucopia of miscellany. Here's a rundown:

We hear a bizarre message left on Matt's voicemail by a Briton looking for someone named "Harry." Then a woman, who says Harry is "in trouble!" calls. Who is Harry?

Jordan improvises a poem with a yutz at the candy store.

Jordan shares some Bold Statements

Jesse "Runs the Numbers"

Jesse and Jordan ask local businesspeople how they plan to make their business more XXXtreme

Then a guy calls in to "pay allegiance to you guys."

Overall, we learn that The Sound of Young America used to be surprisingly ambitious.
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This week Jesse and Gene talk about politics, and the hijinks are truly remarkable.
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