The College Years
The Sound of Young America (Now Bullseye with Jesse Thorn) The College Years. Shows made by Jesse Thorn for his UC Santa Cruz show of the same name.
This week's show features Extreme Weather, the Evil Computer Bent on World Domination, an all-time team, a dream in which emo kids take over a university/spacecraft, and an extensive and contentious discussion of the merits of the Radiohead album Kid A.
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No Theme 2-15-01 On this Sound of Young America broadcast, it's a potpourri, a hodge-podge, a cornucopia of miscellany. Here's a rundown:

We hear a bizarre message left on Matt's voicemail by a Briton looking for someone named "Harry." Then a woman, who says Harry is "in trouble!" calls. Who is Harry?

Jordan improvises a poem with a yutz at the candy store.

Jordan shares some Bold Statements

Jesse "Runs the Numbers"

Jesse and Jordan ask local businesspeople how they plan to make their business more XXXtreme

Then a guy calls in to "pay allegiance to you guys."

Overall, we learn that The Sound of Young America used to be surprisingly ambitious.
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This week Jesse and Gene talk about politics, and the hijinks are truly remarkable.
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