The College Years
The Sound of Young America (Now Bullseye with Jesse Thorn) The College Years. Shows made by Jesse Thorn for his UC Santa Cruz show of the same name.
The Dee Dee Ordeal Without guest Dee Dee Ramone. Jesse, Gene and Jordan try to obtain an interview with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dee Dee Ramone, but they repeatedly fail in hilarious fashion.
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Guests David Cross and Reel Big Fish. Gene and Jordan, minus Jesse and plus Brian, get to talk to David Cross until an alarm sound cuts off the interview. They finish up with an extended interview with ska band Reel Big Fish. But first, "The Divine Hand of Adam West"!
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Talk Radio Jordan, Gene and Jesse make bold proclamations usually reserved for talk radio. But this time, they're taking it to you!
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Mace Detective Gets His Man (Or: Jordan's Amnesia!) Jesse, Jordan and Gene are back with another installment of Mace Detective, Private Detective; later, Jordan attempts to survive his amnesia to finish the show.
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Guest Swamp Dogg. Jordan and Gene talk to Inspector 14, inspector of undergarments, while Jesse is suspiciously quiet. Later, soul legend Swamp Dogg candidly talks about his bizarre career in music, as the guys intermittently play some of his songs.
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The guys talk animation, including an interview with animator Liz Holtzman and botching contests with Spike Decker of Spike & Mike' Film Festival.
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Guest David Wain of Stella and The State. Jesse, Jordan and Gene talk to the new state bird of California and the old one; later, David Wain talks to the guys about why The State was so good and not currently on the air.
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Guest Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine. Jesse, Jordan and Gene listen to some found audio with Davy and Sasquatch, who only has fake audio.
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Guest Dave Attell. Gene, Jesse and Jordan go through a roller coaster of emotions before speaking to the host of Insomniac, making Jesse cry in the process.
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Guest Mike Nelson. Jesse, Jordan and Gene talk to the former head writer and host of Mystery Science Theater 3000 about his books and "Choo Choo!".
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Gene, Jesse and Jordan help a fan ask out a cute radio DJ, while also creating many natural disasters with a CD of sound effects.

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Jesse performs a scene with superstar Jimmy Rogers, while Jordan and Gene have a tag-team date, all with the backdrop of love.
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The guys find the perfect makeout song and give rock & roll facts, while Jordan tries to push a new catchphrase.
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Andrew Anton tells us about his odd teenage recording career.
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We talk about the bizarre phenomenon of Song Poems and about Screamin' Jay Hawkins' Kids.
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Mal Sharpe was half of the legendary put-on duo Coyle & Sharpe.
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