The College Years
The Sound of Young America (Now Bullseye with Jesse Thorn) The College Years. Shows made by Jesse Thorn for his UC Santa Cruz show of the same name.
The Kids Are Alright 12/11/03 Boy oh boy do we have a show for you. Famous actor-turned-musician Steve Burns, of Blues Clues fame is interviewed by Jesse and Jordan. Much more in this program including fan-favorite Jesse's Little Brother Brendan Tells a Joke, an interview with foreign correspondent, Giant Talking Bear, and advice for Jesse's brother, John.
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Look! Up in the Sky! 10/23/03 Ladies and gentlemen, this one is a doozy. Join Jordan and Jesse on a particularly poor recording in which a flugtag participant and the Sklar brothers are interviewed. Also: the extreme weatherman, Jim Real's Would You Rather, The New Sincerity Minute, and 60 Minutes commercials.
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USA A-OK 9/1/03 Step right up for a heck of a show, folks! This week: professional namer Dave Hurlbert and "Big Time" Gene O'Neil are interviewed by your hosts Jordan and Jesse. Also in this spectacular spectacle: Jim Real's Would You Rather and campaign commercials.
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Dustin Diamond Day This week, an interview with one of America's favorite icons, Dustin Diamond. Jesse, Gene and Jordan talk with Screech about how he chooses work, his band and the Milwaukee Metal Fest as Gene tries to derail "Choo Choo!". Please note this is a repost.
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Outcasts 10/09/03 In this lonely episode of The College Years, Jordan and Jesse are joined by author of Masters of Doom, David Kushner. Also, comedy from and interview with a Emily Plum of Anne Francisco & Her Cable Car Casualties. Also, Jim Real's Would You Rather and Running The Numbers.
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The Dangerous Streets 10/16/03 Holy guacamole it's been a while since the likes of The College Years has rolled around. This program, hosted by Jordan and Jesse this week, has Joshua Piven (author of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook and As Luck Would Have It) and referee Jingy of Kaiju Big Battel. Also in this episode: Jim Real's Would You Rather?, Hang It Up/Keep It Up, and the historic first mention of The New Sincerity. This one's a keeper, folks.
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Superheroes 4/17/03 A star-studded episode of The College Years, hosted by Jesse and Jordan, featuring Patton Oswalt and Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, a rock and roll band. Bold statements and double-decker tacos--just two of the many things you'll hear in this blast from the past.
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Sexiness 4/3/03 Spooky Suicide and Katie Suicide of The Suicide Girls join Jordan and Jesse for this arousing episode of The College Years. Also in this episode: Jim Real's famed "Would You Rather?", Erotic Confessions, Point/Counterpoint: Sexual intercourse or the new Zelda game?, and A Tribute to France.
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Passion 2/20/03 Tommy Davidson formerly of In Living Color joins Jesse, Jordan, and "Q" for a scintillating edition of The College Years featuring erotic confessions.
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Mysterious Wonders, Wondrous Mysteries 12/5/02 Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine and Horatio Q Fizzlebottom--Santa Cruz's most eccentric millionaire--joins Jordan, Jesse, and Gene. Also in this episode, dreaming of Christopher Walken and "Would You Rather?"
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A Living Hell 10/24/02 Rock and roll band The Flipsides and George Ratliff, director of the documentary "Hell House" join Jesse, Gene, and Jordan in this edition. Other than that, not much else.
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Cult of Personality 9/26/02
Comedian Louis CK joins Jesse, Gene, and Jordan on this week's installment, with a special appearance by JB Smooth, but before that: A tribute to Adam West and "Who Would Win in a Fight?" with Jim. All this and more on this week's The College Years.
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All the World's a Stage 2/27/03 Theremin player Joseph Minicello joings Jesse and Jordan for this week's action-packed show. In this show: Jordan's little sister calls seeking advice, "Mace Detective, Private Detective" episode "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone," Running The Numbers, Myths and facts about homosexuals, and "Would You Rather?"
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Winners Win Big 2/6/03 Richard Montoya of Culture Clash guests on this episode of The College Years, hosted by Jesse and Jordan. Also in the episode: giving away a lot of tickets.
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Fantasies 1/16/03 Comedian team the Sklar Brothers join Jesse, Jordan, and Maya Baldwin on this edition of The College Years. Also in the episode: gossip about Larry King.
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A Family Affair The Sound of Young America: The College Years is a chronicle of the rise to power of three young men who would one day become kings of the radio field. Comedy, interviews, banter, delight.
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