The College Years
The Sound of Young America (Now Bullseye with Jesse Thorn) The College Years. Shows made by Jesse Thorn for his UC Santa Cruz show of the same name.
R.O.C.K! 5/06/04 Our rock star friend, Andrew W.K., give's Jesse's little brother Brendan some rock n roll advice. Brendan Thorn (aka Eddy Demon) is the frontman of the band Total Annihilation.
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FOOD: 4/29/04 Today's theme is FOOD - Our guest is Jamis McNiven, eccentric restaurant mogul of Bucks of Woodside and the author of Breakfast at Bucks: Tales From the Pancake Guy.

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A Doozy 4/22/04 Hang It Up / Keep It Up -
PLUS: Andrew W.K rocks The Sound of Young America.
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Pathetic! 4/15/09 Today's Theme: Pathetic! Tales of a woe and failure.
Featured guest is The Onion's Maria Schneider: She's the creator of the comic strip Pathetic Geek Stories.
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NEW new 4/08/04 In today's episode: The Sound of Young America boys showcase some of their comedy chops with their sketch group Prank The Dean. Also an interview with Santa Cruz's long-form sketch group Freefall.
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April Fools! 4/01/04 In today's episode: What type of girl is best? Sarah Silverman is best.

Also writer/musician Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan discusses his book "Blue Wizard Is About To Die! which is a poetry book... about video games.
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Making The World A Better Place 3/25/04 Brian "Back In Business" Lane covering for Jordan Morris in this installment of TSOYA. With guest Patton Oswalt and the comedy stylings of Jesse's little brother: Brendan Thorn.
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The High Five Club Jesse and Jordan interview Teddy from The Gaskets and hold a contest for Willl Durst tickets. Good times and Capri Suns.
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Duets 1/29/04 Jesse and Jordan and later Brian interview sketch comedy power duo Eric Slovin and Leo Allen of Slovin and Allen. Top notch episode: all killer, no filler.
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Good Friends and Good Times 2/5/04 Jesse and Jordan host this College Year with rock and roller and high five ambassador Teddy from The Gaskets. Throw in some ticket giveaways, some music, and some mocktails and you've got a hell of a show.
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The Road 2/19/04 Jesse and Jordan host a comedic romp through comedy with an interview with The Second City's Allison Bills. Also in this episode: some Nichols and May bits and talk of Rooster T Feathers and its patrons.
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LA to NY 2/12/04 The College Years is back with a vengeance! Our hosts, Jesse, Jordan, and Brian interview famous comedian Doug Benson on the Marijuana-Logues and The Oscars. Also in this show, NY correspondent "Big Time" Gene O'Neill and a joke about The Sound of Young America getting broadcast nationally.
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